US Money Reserve CEO Has No Degree but She Takes the Company to Greater Heights

Angela Koch is the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve. She is the only woman CEO in the field of precious metals, who is responsible for overseeing every single detail of operations, along with the arduous task of setting the culture and pace of the whole company.

U.S. Reserve is a private distributor of U.S. government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Today, they remain to be one of the largest distributors of this product known worldwide.

A Sales Organization Serving Half a Million

The Reserve has made it their mission through the years to help many people to make their decisions when it comes to buying gold, silver and platinum. They have a team of highly skilled professionals, who are adept and abreast regarding industry trends. To this day, they have managed to serve and satisfy more than half a million people. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 –

Koch said the company is a sales organization, as opposed to the standard company platform of being both sales and marketing oriented. Koch noted that with sales prominent companies such as theirs, they focus on selling by teaching individuals the ropes.

Their sales teams are required to undergo stringent training procedures in order to learn the materials, with the primary goal of learning the system to be able to give their clients the best. Another important factor is learning what the clients want and ensuring that it is addressed to the best level of service possible.

Philosophy in Running the Company

Koch takes her job as the CEO of the U.S. Reserve very seriously. One of her primary objectives is to take care of the employees because they are the front liners who face the clients.

She strongly believes in the value of boosting up her own employees by giving them room to grow. This includes allowing them to engage in both personal and professional development programs, which down the road will only serve to help the company.

She has so much faith in her employees that she firmly acknowledges that they can manage to make good choices in the field even without her. Another one of her goals is to ensure that her staff continues to grow as the company makes progress because the company’s success hinges on a collaboration between key players.

An Unconventional Journey to the Top

Koch’s climb to the top of the corporate ladder is fraught with difficulties that she managed to surmount. Her story is unconventional because she dropped out from college when she married her now ex-husband and gave birth to their first child.

She plunged straight into working because her ex did not provide financial stability. Even without a degree, she made a firm resolve to make things happen and to pass all the test of life, which she was able to do with flying colors.

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