Wen By Chaz: Inspired By Nature’s Bounty and Hair Needs

Wen By Chaz tackles dry, brittle hair by using a unique cleaning product that is also pleasantly coupled with many fruit fragrances. Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen By Chaz. He has and began his career in California. Since the early days, his company has grown to be internationally recognized. The WEN Hair Care Boutique cleansing conditioner retailer products are sold around the world, in fashion settings, and online on eBay.

Dean recognized the pattern that traditional hair cleansers where drying out his client’s locks. Out of necessity, he created a conditioner that cleaned the hair. The cleanser is unique because it does not foam. It is massaged into damp hair and rinsed out like traditional shampoo, but the end result is clean hair that is soft, fresh, and pliable.

In addition to making a quality cleaner, Chaz Dean went on to manufacturer heavenly aromas. He got his inspiration from nature, and there is no shortages of fragrances to choose from. One of his classic scents is fig, which is highlighted by the wafts of red cherries and sweet marigolds. The rich pomegranate cleanser is from his classic line-up also. It is touched with the spice of rosemary and infused with almond oil. Many of these products can be found in gallon size containers, which makes it perfect for busy homes or salons.

Along with continually testing new fragrances, Dean is working to offer styling products for every hair type. WEN currently offers masks to treat very dry hair, spray-on mist for light everyday conditioning, and hair texturizers to add volume. For more information, visit wen.com and check out the official Wen Facebook page.

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