What does Shervin Pishevar have to say about Bitcoin?

Shervin Pishevar, the founder of Investment company , has been very vocal about his thoughts and predictions regarding the economy. One of the most talked about topics, particularly on Twitter, involves Bitcoin. Last year, Shervin chose to tweet heavily about his thoughts, creating what has since been dubbed a tweet storm.

Shervin Pishevar talked about Bitcoin and how he thought it would do. He felt that the cryptocurrency was an important tool in order to move towards a global economy. However, he also warned that the value would likely drop more over the next few months and, then, slowly move its way back up to a better value with more stability.

Since Shervin Pishevar sent out those tweets, many people have been watching Bitcoin carefully. The value has dropped considerably, particularly throughout the last half of 2018. Now, we’re at a point where Bitcoin is slowly starting to climb back to a more respectable vale. Once it reaches a point where it doesn’t go up too much more in a single week, it’s likely going to stabilize.

Many people are starting to see the value of Bitcoin because of its ability to have a more anonymous fingerprint with online transactions. With more people accepting Bitcoin for everyday purchases, too, it seems as though Shervin Pishevar’s predictions make a lot of sense. Bitcoin is here to stay, and the price is finally stabilizing for investors.



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