What is TigerSwan and Delta Force Training Like?

The bulk of the world’s population has no idea how special operations missions work. Their perceptions, generally, come from what they see in the movies. If someone outside the special ops world went through a small amount of official training, those perceptions would change. A recent event co-sponsored by Chevrolet and The Range Complex (TRC) in North Caroline gave civilians insights into this amazing training. Since the training is reality-based, the attendees know what special ops soldiers undertake. They also gained a better understanding of what TigerSwan and other private security contractors go through.

If there were an understatement associated with the training, it would be nothing is remotely as easy as it looks. Target practice during the event isn’t the same as visiting the local gun range. Imagine hitting a target 800 meters away after sitting and waiting in the dark. A direct hit becomes wildly challenging. Again, imagine what TigerSwan and special ops pros contend with during high-pressure situations.

Among the most complicated and dangerous situations to address is a hostage rescue mission. At the event, a hostage rescue simulation occurred, and live ammunition went off during the dangerous training. TigerSwan contractors do deal with these hazardous scenarios all across the globe.

TigerSwan CEO James Reese helped develop the training facility, and it is not just for tourists. The facility provides valuable training for soldiers at nearby Fort Bragg. And James Reese has the qualifications to come up with training ideas and overseeing security missions. James Reese is a former officer with the Delta Force.

James Reese Tigerswan

The presence of the TigerSwan CEO makes sense here. Why is Chevy involved? The contractors and commandos rely on powerful vehicles to take part in the missions. In a hostage rescue scenario, Chevy SUVs played a prominent role. The horsepower on the engines is shockingly high, which is necessary for rescues.

Attendees likely walked away with a newfound respect for Delta Force commandos and TigerSwan contractors. TigerSwan contractors, in particular, find themselves in danger spots in some of the toughest locations on the globe. Performing that work comes with risks. Proper training helps mitigate some risk, but nowhere near all.

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