Why Ashley Lightspeed is pushing for digital media investments

Media has come a long way, and currently, the world is entering the era of digital media domination. Many experts think that this era holds a lot of potential for investors. One such expert is Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Venture Partners, popular for its early investments in lucrative opportunities in sectors like technology.

A competent professional

Ashley is an admirably qualified executive having graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor’s of Visual and Media Studies. She also has an MBA from Stanford University and a lot of experience working in the media and business sectors at different capacities. Of late, she has been pushing for investments in the digital media space. This push has started with her firm which has already made notable investments in the sector. Now she is urging other investors to enter the digital media space. See Related Article at nypost.com

Lucrative returns

The main reason that Ashley Lightspeed has been pushing for investments in the digital media space is that it holds the promise of lucrative returns. So far, the few companies which have entered this space are already reaping massive revenues from this. These include Netflix, YouTube and The New York Times which both have admirable audiences.

Digital media platforms like Netflix and The New York Times make money through audience subscriptions. Subscriptions mean that a company can continuously make money for the foreseeable future. YouTube, on the other hand, is a digital media platform that makes money through advertising. Most of the other digital media platforms also take advantage of this revenue avenue. Here audiences access content with advertisements for free and the advertisers pay the platforms. Ashley Lightspeed advised investors entering this space also to try to make money through commerce and selling experiences. Some digital media platforms are currently setting up online experience centers thanks to virtual reality and mixed reality.

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