Why Smita Shah is Successful

Smita Shah is not like the rest of the women in society. The engineer knows that she is a life nerd who challenges herself to become better in life. This culture started when she was very young. In elementary school, Shah was not your ordinary girl. While female students were only interested in the latest fads, Shah had better things to do; she was busy solving complex math questions. This subject made many people cry and hate high school. Smita, on the other hand, wanted something better and more exciting for her future. Learning and mastering the math subject was a great way to start her tough journey in engineering. When she left high school decades ago, the globally recognized leader used the math expertise to solve all her career and social problems. Surprisingly, she did well, and that is why she has a success story in a world full of men professionals. When she was getting her higher education at the university, the engineer performed excellently in math relays because of her talents. 

Two decades ago, Smitah Shah founded her first company. SPAAN Tech is among the few technology companies that are operating under the leadership of a woman leader. When starting the organization, Shah says that she realized that there was a huge demand for engineering firms in the world. Although the society did not have women engineers, Shah was not scared of taking the first step. Being bold is what has helped her organization to be famous all over the world. The engineering company is unique, and it is among the fastest-growing in the robust engineering industry. Special projects do not make the business leader shiver. Over the years, Smita Shah has shown the society that she is a top engineer after handling complex projects that gave male engineers a headache. Her competitors know that she is experienced in whatever she takes on. Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/

After becoming so successful in the engineering industry, Smita Shah decided that it was time to help other women. Her mission now is to ensure that ordinary women in small villages have a chance to taste success in business. Masculine careers are profitable and better, according to Shah. The executive is guiding women entrepreneurs to know their place and have the best lives. 

Smita Shah uses many strategies to empower women. In most of her public forums, the executive reminds women that their most significant problem is poor self-image. The women in the modern society will continue to survive on little earnings when they do not change their poor image. Successful people have the right image about themselves. Regardless of what happens in the world, these people remain focused. Successful women should also deal only on the short term plans so that they can have a bright future in business.

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