You Need A Business Loan? James River Capital Is All You Need

JAMES RIVERThe hardest and most important part of starting a business is raising enough capital to fund the business. It is great if your family and friends can raise enough capital for you, but this is not often the case. So, if you are planning to start up a business venture, here are few effective ways to fund your project.

Venture Capital is great

This option is ideal for entrepreneurs who need $1 million or more for their business. Only venture capitalists can help in this situation. You already know that it won’t be easy to convince anyone to part with $1 million, no matter how wealthy he or she is.

This is why you need the services of professionals. They will not only link you up with venture capitalists; but they will also help you convince them to invest in your startup. A company that has been helping entrepreneurs raise venture capital since 1995 is James Rivers Capital.

The organization offers investment management, commodity trading, advisory, and other related services. They have partnered with numerous entrepreneurs to raise funds for startups and business expansions. They are based in Virginia, in the United States.

The company was established by Paul Saunders, who is the current Chairman and CEO. Mr. Saunders has a B.A. in Economics, and he also has an M.B.A. Before acquiring KP Futures Management Corp, the company he changed to James River Capital Corp, he worked in few companies. Mr. Saunders’ academic background is most likely the biggest secret to the success of James River Capital Corp.

You can try crowdfunding

Many people have successfully gotten their business off the ground with crowdfunding, and you can do the same. Kickstarter is one of the platforms where you can share your business ideas and get people to fund it.

Seek help from Angel investors

There are many investors who are willing to invest in viable business projects, so you could approach any of them. All you need is an internet search. You will find many of them.

A local loan could be the game changer

The local chamber of commerce in every community is always eager to invest in startups not only to make profit; but also, to create jobs for people within that community. So, you can try the one in your community for a local loan.

Contact James River Capital Corp for more information and assistance on funding your startup. Don’t let the lack of funds kill your ideas and dreams.

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